The trucking and logistics industries are benefiting from a fundamental transformation of how goods and services are delivered in the U.S. This transformation is being driven by not one but multiple coinciding themes.

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Rise of E-Commerce: As consumers prefer the speed and convenience of online shopping, e-commerce continues to account for an increasing portion of retail sales in the U.S., growing from less than 1% in 2000 to 14% in 2020.

Consumer Expectation for Fast Deliveries: Amazon launched its Prime subscription service in February 2005. Since then, consumers have been trained to expect quick deliveries that are either low-cost or included with purchases. Many retailers now feel the need to offer "Prime-like" offerings to compete online.

Mode of Shipping: Trucking is the important mode for the movement of goods in the U.S. economy, accounting for over 65% of all goods transported (both by weight and value). Other forms of shipping (rail, air, and water) struggle to compete with trucking in a quick-turn delivery environment on a matrix of cost, speed, and on-time predictability.

Abundant Energy Sources and Exciting New Technologies: Over the last decade, increased oil production in the U.S. has allowed the trucking industry to operate on an affordable and abundant fuel source. Looking forward, we anticipate the trucking and logistics industry will benefit from the transition to electric motors.

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Tallwood Business Brokers is proud to serve logistics owners and operators who function as the highway for the movement of goods and services in a dynamic and ever-changing U.S. economy.