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Profitable businesses that are properly priced

SELL in any market. If your business is profitable, interest rates are low, then the time to sell your business by a Certified Business Broker is NOW!

 · Tallwood Business Brokers has extensive experience on all sides of the transaction as business buyers, business owners, and business sellers. We have personal experience with each of these titles. 

· We position your company at the right value, in the right market, to the right buyer. 

· Our selling process gets the price and terms you want.

· Your confidentiality is a primary concern at Tallwood Business Brokers. We protect and make sure your deal remains confidential.

Our Process

At Tallwood Business Brokers we help you plan a successful exit strategy to sell your business. Our process keeps your sale confidential. This allows you, the business owner, to focus on running the daily business operation, keeping revenues steady during the selling process while we keep the deal management moving forward.


No Fee Consultation


1. Your first meeting with a Tallwood Broker Advisor will be a confidential in-depth meeting to understand your business and to discuss how to achieve your objectives. We will answer all your questions about the process.

No Fee Confidential Valuation

2. We will conduct a comprehensive analysis of your business: financials, operations, sales and marketing, inventory, and personnel. After gathering all the info on your company, your Advisor has the knowledge and experience in the marketplace to determine the highest achievable market price for your business. At that time, you decide if you wish to move forward and list your business for sale. 

Preparation of your Confidential Marketing Prospectus

3. Your Tallwood Business Advisor will prepare a professionally detailed prospectus that showcases your business to prospective clients. 

Screening Prospective Buyers

4. We have a confidential marketing plan that includes a database of active buyers, discreet online advertising, and we utilize confidential proactive marketing to other companies all the time protecting your critical information.

Managing the Negotiation Process

5. Only suitable buyers with permission from the business owner will be given phone or in person meetings to view the business. Your Advisor will arrange the meetings, and manage the negotiation process to assure the best deal from the strongest buyer.

Offer Presentation

6. Once the business owner receives the Letter of Intent to purchase the company, due diligence will begin. Tallwood Brokers helps to manage the timeline, deal structure, and make sure the buyer has arranged financing to proceed with the purchase of the business.

Closing Professionals

7. At this time, attorneys and accountants representing both the buyer and the seller review the transaction contract and make recommendations.

Finalizing the Deal

8. There are many final details to closing a business: lease assignments, inventory, key employee agreements, transition to new owner, just to name a few. Your Tallwood Business Broker will be there to help you overcome any obstacles and guide your sale to a successful conclusion.


*When looking for a Business Broker, remember to always use a CBI, Certified Business Intermediary. A Certified Business Intermediary is a Certified Business Broker with industry accreditation providing a higher level of expertise, training, and education to value, market, and negotiate the sell of your business.