Sell a Business in Nashville, TN and the Mid-South.

Why should you hire a Certified Business Broker and how will it help sell a business?

Selling a business is a major decision. There are many things to consider before putting your business on the market.  Listed below are some things you should consider. 

  • Is your business prepared to be sold? A Certified Business Broker provides the expertise and guidance in preparing your business to be sold.
  • To determine the purchase price for your business a valuation must occur. We provide a no fee confidential valuation.
  • Targeting the right buyer will require a strategic marketing campaign. Your Tallwood Broker will prepare a professionally detailed confidential prospectus that showcases your business to prospective clients.
  • Financial documents for both the buyer and the bank will have to be prepared for due diligence.
  • Tallwood Brokers provides expertise through the transaction process resulting in the successful sale of your business. 

Why you should have an initial consultation and how will it help sell a business?

 As the owner, you know more about your business than anyone else because you have spent years building it.

  • The initial meeting allows us the opportunity to understand your business and discuss your expectations. 
  • We can share with you the current market for business transactions, trends in your industry, and the process for selling your business. 
  • The confidential initial consultation is free and includes a business valuation stating a range within how much your business is worth.

How much is your business worth and how will knowing the right amount help sell a business?

How much your business is worth will be the fundamental topic of any negotiation between you and a potential buyer. 

  • You may have a unique situation that is motivating your sale.
  • Prospective buyers will not share your emotional attachment or have the same personal motivations. 
  • Tallwood Brokers can help you decide you how to price your business for sell, and how to structure the sale so that it makes sense for everyone, you and the buyer.
  • It is very important to have the business properly priced before exposing it to the market for sale. 
  • Tallwood Brokers can analyze and value your business,