Buying a Business

Business Buyers

There are many advantages to buying a business which is established. Most business buyers express an interest in pride of ownership, flexibility, and being your own boss.

  • To avoid the risks of start-ups or slow expansion.
  • To grow faster by acquiring new products, technology, or market share.
  • To acquire an established presence in a new geographic market.
  • To acquire undervalued assets.
  • To achieve the American dream of being self employed.

What is your professional experience?

  • Do you have the financial and operational background to own the prospective business you are pursuing?
  • Many businesses require special licensing in a trade. For example, an electrical contractor in some states requires five years of experience, testing, and accreditations by the state before you can acquire a license.

What are you trying to accomplish?


  • How much time do you expect to spend in the business daily?
  • What are your areas of interest?
  • How much are you willing to invest?
  • How much income are you looking for?
  • What size business are you pursuing?

What are your geographic or timing constraints?

  • Finding the right business to acquire can take some time. Are you under any deadlines to find a business rapidly?
  • Are your flexible on the location of the business?