Bryan Foreman

Bryan Foreman, Principal, 

Certified Business Broker, CBI

Board Certified Broker, BCB

Bryan Foreman has attained accreditations as a Certified Business Intermediary, and a Board Certified Broker. Bryan represents Business Sellers and Business Buyers throughout the Mid-South, primarily in Tennessee, Texas, and Alabama.

A Certified Business Intermediary, CBI, provides a higher level of experience, training, and education to value, market, negotiate, and successfully sell your business.

  • President/CEO of four companies from $3.5 million to $60 million in revenue
  • Over 30 years of business expertise working with startups and multi-million dollar businesses
  • Providing industry experience in transportation, computer software and services, technology, management consulting, service industries, sales
  • Proven leadership in building businesses from start-up to acquisition, merger, and sale of public companies
  • First hand experience as a small business owner with the SBA lending process, negotiations, and buying a business

 *When looking for a Business Broker, remember to always use a CBI, Certified Business Intermediary. A Certified Business Intermediary is a Certified Business Broker with industry accreditation providing a higher level of expertise, training, and education to value, market, and negotiate the sell of your business.